Birds Nestbox Month

April 2018

We celebrate our Nestbox Festival on the 1st of April each year. Join us in this adventure and add a nestbox or two to your garden.

There may be birds that don't use nestboxes or need something that is not suitable for your location. The Pileated Woodpecker may be one of these. You may have to be satisfied with watching them at a feeder and feeding their young ones.
Also, many birds nests cannot be copied, the bushtits nest is one, with the use of mosses.
The little bushtits nest is very elaborate indeed. The entrance to this work of art is in the side.
The Bewicks Wren may build a nest in one of the sites you offer. It may even build two nests, but they may not use either, the male builds several nests and then the female decides which home they will live in.
The American Robin and their young are quite at home in the garden,
If there is food available through the winter, they will nest in the shrubs and trees.
The Robins enjoy a flat shelf type with a simple roof to keep out the rain.
This blue bird was sent into us by Joyce Cahill of Winslow, Arkansas.
Blue birds, also took over this well use nest box in Jane and Walters Red Gate Farm in Texas
Many birds benefit from these material holders. Here is a chickadee on a holder.
A Bewicks wren gathers some hair from one of the nesting material holders.
We have two nest boxes in the Nature Inn site that you can build.
How to make the planter nesting box can be found here: Planter Nestbox.
The Robin platform nesting box can be seen here: Robin Platform
All the photographs are by the Nature Inn staff except where noted.