Northern Geranium
Geranium erianthum
Perennial. Woody stems base, leafy and hairy
to 80cm tall. Leaves are palmately deeply
divided into irregularly lobed and toothed
segments.Flowers, blue to pink-purple in loose
clusters.Found at roadsides and in meadows


Self Heal
Prunella vulgaris
Perennial. Stems erect to spreading or reclining,
leafy and square in cross section. Leaves,
opposite and few. Flowers are purplish to pink,
two lipped tube, upper lip hooded bonnet like.
Moist roadsides and fields.


Harvest Brodiaea
Brodiaea coronaria
Perennial to 30cm high. Leaves are grass like
dying off before the flower appears. Flowers are
violet blue in loose clusters on single stem.
Open gravel sites and coastal rocky areas.


American Brooklime
Veronica americana
Perennial. Succulent stems trailing, erect or
ascending. Leaves, 3-5 pairs on flowering
stems, lance shaped. Blue, violet, lilac flowers
in long clusters along the stem. Wet ground or
in shallow water.


Small Flowered Lupine
Lupinus polycarpos
Annual.Erect stems 10-45cm tall. Leaves,
palmately compound, 5-8 leaflets 4cm long.
Blue flowers, pea like, small in short clusters.
Open, gravelly and sandy sites at low elevations.


Medicago sativa
Perennial. Stems to 50cm long. Introduced
Eurasian weed. Leaves are compound, three
foliate, leaflets.  Flowers are purple, 6-10mm similar
to Black Medic but larger. Disturbed sites,
cultivated fields are typical habitats.


Silky Phacelia
Phacelia sericea


Small Flowered Penstemon
Penstemon procerus


Small Blue-eyed Mary
Collinsia parviflora
Annual.  Leafy stem usually erect or ascending,
sometimes sprawling. Leaves 1-4cm long, bract
like in the inflorescence. Flowers blue with some white,
2 lobed. Mossy outcroppings, gravelly flats.


Great Camas
Camassia leichinii
Perennial herb to 70cm tall.  Leaves are fleshy.
Blue to deep blue flowers, many to each spike.
 The tepals of the Great Camas, twist together to
cover the fruit. Enjoys grassy meadows.



Menzies Larkspur
Delphinium menziesii
Perennial to 50cm. Tall.  Single stems weakly
attached to tubers.  Leaves rounded in outline
but deeply divided. Deep blue to purplish
flowers 3 to 20 in open terminal clusters.
Grassy meadows and rocky bluffs.


Pacific Waterleaf
Hydrophyllum tenuipes
Perennial leafy herb with solitary stems to 80cm tall.
Leaves are alternate, long and wide divided usually
up to five times.Flowers. Greenish-white to a lavender
color, bell shaped in terminal clusters.
Moist open forests at low to middle elevations.


Cichorium intybus
Perennial herb with milky juice, branched, leafy
and 30-150cm tall. Leaves alternate, lower
leaves stalked, lance shaped, deeply toothed
. Blue flowers upped 4cm wide.
Roadsides, fields, waste areas, usually dry.


Cow Vetch
Vicia cracca
Perennial trailing or climbing. Stems to 2m
long.Leaves compound with terminal branched
tendrils. Leaflets 16 –24.Flowers, blue to
reddish purple,pea like, 20-50 flowers.
Thickets and open forests.