Hookers Onion
Allium acuminatum
Perennial plant about 30cm high. Basal leaves
dying off before the flower appears. Flowers
are rose pink and the tepals turn backwards
at the tip. Found in open rocky sites.


Red Columbine
Aquilegia formosa
Perennial herb with erect stems to 1m tall.
Leaves twice divided in three’s. Flowers are
red and yellow with 5 straight reddish spurs.
Moist meadows and roadsides


Few Flowered Shooting Star
Dodecatheon pulchellum
Perennial plant with leafless stems. Leaves are
oblong to lance shaped to 20cm long. Flowers,
magenta color with 5 petals swept backward with
a yellow collar.Moist meadows and streambanks
and sea level to high elevations.


Pink Pussytoes
Antennaria macrophylla/rosea
Perennial. Mat forming, leafy stems, 5-40cm. tall.
Basal leaves spoon or broadly lance shaped.
Flower heads reddish pink to white, disc flowers only.
Dry grassy slopes, meadows, clearings to
subalpine areas.


Pink Fawn Lily
Erythronium revolutum
Perennial herb to 35cm tall. Leaves basal, broadly
lance shaped to 30cm.  Flowers rose pink and bent
back, single nodding and terminal. Open to
moderately dense moist woods and meadows
and riversides.


Broad Leaf Shooting Star
Dodecatheon hendersonii
Perennial. Flowering stems, leafless 5-50cm tall.
Leaves are broad and held flat to the ground.
Flowers are cyclamen shaped, rose-purple
colour, the tube is purple.Meadows, rocky bluffs,
stream banks.


Satin Flower
Sisyrinchium douglasii
Tufted perennial to 30cm tall. Flattened stems
with usually two reddish-purple flowers to
4cm across, Dry rocky cliffs and meadows,
low to middle elevations. Early flowering in spring.


Cooley's Hedge Nettle
Stachy's cooleyae
Perennial. Stems erect, leafy, mostly unbranched,
50-100cm tall. Leaves opposite, deltoid or heart
shaped, coarsely blunt toothed. Deep red flowers,
tube like. Moist roadsides, clearings and thickets.


Digitalis purpurea
Usually biennial.Leafy stems, erect, unbranched
.5 to1.8m tall. Egg to lance shaped leaves, coarsely
toothed 15-40cm long. Flowers, pink to purple
with deeper purple spots, tube like.Habitat,
roadsides and fields.


Western Bog Laurel
Kalmia microphylla
Small slender branched evergreen to 0.5m tall.
Leaves, narrow lance shaped, margins rolled over,
dark green. Flowers, rose pink, saucer-shaped in
loose terminal clusters. Bogs, wet mountain meadows.


Tragopogon porrifolius
Biennial or annual.Stems often branched and
grass like leaves taper uniformly from base to
tip.Purple flowers that tend to close early
afternoon.Large dandelion type seed head.
Moist areas and waste land.


Nodding Onion
Allium cernuum
Perennial plant with slender stems to 50cm tall.
The leaves are grass like and remain green
though flowering period. Flowers are pink to
a rose-purple color. Many in a nodding clus
Enjoys dry open areas and grassy places.


Herb Robert
Geranium robertianum
Taprooted annual. Stems branched, and bent
at the base to upright 10-60cm. Leaves pinnately
deeply divided and they are divided. Flowers are
pink to reddish purple, or pink with white stripe.
Enjoys the open forest habitat.


Bleeding Heart
Dicentra formosa
Perennial. Flower stems are leafless to a height
of 15-50cm.  Leaves are basal and numerous,
long stalked, fern like and well divided.
Flowers, pinkish-purple, 5 to 15 in clusters
at the top of the stem.  Moist forests and ravines.


Calypso Orchid
Calypso bulbosa
Perennial bulb plant 10 to 25 cm long. Leaves are
dark green in the fall and persist through the winter.
Flowers. Rose purple and very showy. A single
bloom on each stem. Mostly in forests.
The flower dies when picked.


Dames Violet
Hesperia matronalis
Tall to over a meter. Frequently escapes from
gardens. Leaves and stem have both simple
and forked hairs. The flowers are white
through various shades of pink, purple and
violet. Wasteland and forest edges.


Perennial Pea
Lathyrus latifolius
Perennial stretching out to 3m in every
direction.Leaves end in many branched tendrils
that helps the plant climb. Flowers are large and
showy. Varying in white to bright rose. Railway
cuttings, roadsides and clay banks by the sea.


Speading Dogbane
Apocynum androasemifolium
Perennial plant to 70cm tall, with a milky sap.
Leaves are opposite and narrow oval shape,
droop in heat of day. Flowers, pink bell shape
with flaring lobes in clusters.
Hillsides, roadsides on well drained areas.


Musk Mallow
Malva moschata
Plants form a bushy clump with woody bases,
growing 2 to 3 feet tall.All species in the genus55
Malva have edible leaves. Flowers in great
profusion up to 2 inches wide and pale-pink
or white. Dry open areas, wasteland or
roadsides. A native of Europe.


Common Burdock
Arctium minus
Biennial.  Stems are leafy to 1.5m tall. 
Large leaves to 30cm. Long, 25cm wide. 
Flower heads, pink to purple, disc flowers only,
thistle like.  Roadsides, pastures, disturbed
sites in low elevations.



Springbank Clover
Trifolium wormsksoldii
Perennial plant, branched stems to 30cm long.
Leaves compound, 3 foliate, leaflets to 3cm long
Red to purple flowers often tipped with
white.Dense heads to 60 flowers.
Wet to moist open places.


Sea Blush
Plectritis congesta
Annual. Stems upright and leafy, 10-60cm.
Leaves are opposite, oblong-elliptic, stalkless.
Lower leaves egg shaped. The pinkish flowers
are small, 5 petals fused into 2 lips.
Open rocky slopes and bluffs.


Baldhip Rose
Rosa gymnocarpa
Spindly rose to 2m tall usually with soft prickles.
Leaves are alternate and deciduous. Compound
with odd number of leaflets.Flowers pink to rose color.
Small about 2 cm across. Usually single. Dry to
moist areas, at low to middle elevations


Scalloped Onion
Allium crenulatum


A trailing evergreen shrub often forming mats,
with rooting branches. The leaves are dark green
and shiny above.Flowers are urn shaped to
about 5mm longand pinkish white in color.
Enjoys sandy and well drained exposed sites.