Easy Suet Mix Pellets For The Birds.


Many birds will come very close when food is on offer. A nice way to make this happen is with small suet pellets. These can be placed near a window where it is possible to put them out without too much trouble.


These pellets can easily be made by rolling some small amounts of your suet mixture in the palm of your hand. A cleaner way however is to not have to touch the mixture at all except to place it where ever you want it placed. This way you don’t have to worry about having to clean up after each use.

This picture shows what is required for this simple project, an empty pen and a small ¼” dowel.
Remove the tip of the pen, the top and the ink tube.

In a small tray or dish, pour in some melted suet mix. A good mix is equal amounts of chopped suet and a cup of lard melted together, add a cup each of peanut butter, flour and rolled oats. Mix it well and pour into container of your choice. When set, push in the end of the pen repeatedly until nearly full.


Push the dowel down the holder to push out the mix, cutting it off every 1/4 inch or so.


Cut them into a small dish and they are ready to attract a few birds. They can be stored in the fridge.


Spread out some of the balls near where the birds already visit. A junco quickly finds this new source of delights and sneak in to take them away.

A Chestnut backed Chickadee arrives for another morsel.