Birds Foot Trefoil
Lotus corniculatus
Perennial plant from Europe Usually upright
to 30cm. Leaves are on sprawling stems that are
numerous and stalkless. Flowers, from 3 to 12
are bright yellow often tinged with red.
Roadsides, moist grassy areas.


Columbian Lily
Lilium columbianum
Perennial with slender stems to 1.2m tall.
Narrow lance shaped leaves. The flowers are
bright orange with deep red or purple spots
near the center. Meadows, thickets,
open woods.


Yellow Rattle
Rhinanthus minor
Annual.  Stems leafy and erect, few branched 10 to
80cm tall.  Stalkless leaves lance shaped 2-7cm long.
Flowers, yellow 9-14mm, 2 lipped with upper lip
hooded, lower lip is 3 lobed. Meadows, grassy
sites and beaches.


Common Mullein
Verbascum thapus
Biennial plant from thick taproot. . Leaves are broadly
lance shaped around the base and smaller up the stem.
Flowers are yellow and cluster around the stem and
appear stalkless. Very common along roadsides
and dry open areas at low levels.


Yellow Violet
Viola glabella
Perennial to 50cm tall. Leaves are heart
shaped, sharply pointed at the tip to 5cm
across. Yellow flowers, 3 lower petals with
purple lines. Lowest petal separated Moist
forests, glades and streambanks.


Common Toadflax
Linaria vulgaris
Perennial. Erect stem often branching 20-80cm
tall. Alternate leaves stalkless, smooth margined
and numerous. Flowers, yellow with a central
bearded orange patch, snapdragon style.Fields,
roadsides, wasteland and gardens.


Yellow Monkey Flower
Mimulus guttatus
Annual/perennial with numerous methods
of propagation from roots or creeping stolons,
rhizomes or stem nodes. Leaves, oval,
coarsely toothed. Flowers, 2 lipped,
trumpet shaped. Usually found in wet places.


Sierra Sanicle
Sanicula graveolens
Perennial plant with solitary erect stems, 50cm
tall. Leaves are alternate the lower leaves on
long stalks and divided into three’s. Flowers
are yellow and small in round clusters on a
short stalk. Dry open forests, rocky slopes.



Spring Balsamroot
Balsamorhiza sagittata
Perennial plant growing to 80 cm. Softly hairy
throughout. Leaves are mostly basal and arrow
shaped and very big to about 30 cm. The flowers
are bright yellow with solitary heads. Found at
low to middle elevations.


Yellow Salsify
Tragopogon dubius
Biennial or annual. Leafy stems, often branched,
30-100cm tall. Long leaves are narrow, clasping
stem at base. Flowers are pale yellow, involucra
bracts form cone in bud. Roadsides and dry areas


Black Twinberry
Lonicera involucrata
Perennial shrub that can reach 3m tall.Leaves
are opposite and short stalked, pointed and hairy
underneath.Flowers are yellow, tubular and in pairs.
The fruit is shiny black.Moist forest clearings,
swamps and streamside habitats.


Yellow Pond Lily
Nuphar polysepalum
Perennial aquatic plant from massive rhizomes.
Leaves sometimes floating often submerged are
heart shaped and long stalks. Flowers are
yellow and up to 10 cm across and cup
shaped that float in water. Ponds and shallow
lakes, low to middle elevations.


Skunk Cabbage
Lysichiton americanum
Strong perennial plant of swamps. Grows to 150cm
tall. Leaves are very large from a basal rosette. Flowers
are greenish yellow on a spike with a bright yellow
hood type bract. Swamps, wet forests and seepage
areas, wet meadows


Large Leaved Avens
Geum macrophyllum
Perennial with stems to 1m in height. Basal leaves
long stalked, heart to kidney shaped, terminal
segments larger than those below. Stem leaves few,
deeply lobed or 3 parted. Yellow flowers and
likes the open forest.


Footsteps of Spring
Sanicula arctopoides
Perennial with branched stems.Leaves are
yellowish forming a rosette Flowers are bright
yellow nestled in a ring of bracts. Grassy
bluffs and always close to the sea.


Consumption Plant
Lomatium nudicaule
Perennial plant with flowering stems to 90cm
tall. Leaves are mostly basal, oblong to egg
shaped and often stalked. Flowers are yellow
and small with several in compact clusters
Dry areas at low to middle elevations.


Grindelia integrifolia
Perennial.Short branched stem 15-80cm tall.
Leaves,basal lance shaped to 40cm long, stem
leaves alternate and stalkless. Ray flowers
yellow,bracts covered with gum. Found mainly
on beaches and rocky shores.


Tanacetum vulgare
Perennial.Stiffly erect, over a meter in height.
Dark green leaves, feather like pinnate and
smooth.Has numerous rayless flower heads in
flattened clusters. Disturbed sites, road margins
and waste land.


Sulpher Cinquefoil
Potentilla recta
Erect perennial plant to 80cm tall. Leaves are mostly
on the stem, palmately divided into 5 to 7 leaflets.
Flowers are yellow and showy in flat topped clusters.
Mostly at low elevations in disturbed sites.


Solidago canadensis
Perennial. Leafy stems to 150cm tall.
Lower leaves soon deciduous, stem leaves
numerous. Yellow flowers in pyramid clusters.
Grows in disturbed areas, roadsides.


Yellow Eyed Grass
Sisyrinchium califronicum
Perennial showy plant that grows up to 40cm high.
Leaves are mostly basal in clumps of narrow grass
like leaves.Flowers are yellow with brownish veins
and in terminal clusters. Wet or moist edges of ponds
and boggy areas.